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“The Bendrigg course ethos and structure of enabling and empowerment just flips the world on its head and makes what most people might perceive as impossible, possible. It gives me confidence in myself, a sense of achievement and more self-belief, and it also really puts the message out there about what disabled people can do” – Bendrigg participant.

Bendrigg Trust is one of the leading outdoor disability specialists in the country challenging perceptions of disability through adventurous activities.

We aim to ensure that disabled people are empowered with the attitudes, skills and beahaviours they need to make positive changes in their lives. In turn we hope that they will thrive in their education, at home and socially, throughout their lives.

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The Impact Of The Bendrigg Experience



Wilson Stuart School

The video below was made as part of our Adventure for All video series and follows the wonderful pupils from Wilson Stuart School whilst they enjoy their residential.

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The Whittingham Family

"Bendrigg rose to the challenge facing Covid 19 to create worthwhile outdoor experiences through creative problem solving and provided amazing opportunities that are very satisfying in meeting my sons needs.

Going to Bendrigg gave my son the opportunity to get outdoors again, somewhere he felt safe. It gave him a great sense of freedom not being controlled by the environment, virus and people around him. I believe it was a massive achievement for him in the face of adversity.

The activities seemed to have an immediate positive effect. Not only was it great for him to be active which helps us to have a healthier mind and body. His confidence was brimming, he was being more independent and was able to make choices with little prompting. He wasn’t clingy or hesitant, initiated conversation with the instructors (he says the staff at Bendrigg are always friendly and supportive) and within our support bubble we shared excitement and had lots to talk about regarding the activities, offering peer support, encouragement and even some healthy competition. The whole day had such a great sense of fun, I hadn’t seen my son laugh, smile, have fun and be at total ease for months."

Read the Whittingham's full testimonial here.


St John Vianny School

"As an educator I see education as a collaboration, not something that is purely delivered on site in school, but something that also requires the valuable input of trusted partners who share our ethos and philosophy that every child is unique and must be nurtured appropriately. To me, Bendrigg is our missing ingredient. The yeast that enables the loaf to rise, the sunshine that gives the flower the confidence to bloom and unfurl its petals to the World. Our children are still buzzing from their trip and the positive impact of the trip is apparent for all to see!"

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