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About us

“The Bendrigg course ethos and structure of enabling and empowerment just flips the world on its head and makes what most people might perceive as impossible, possible. It gives me confidence in myself, a sense of achievement and more self-belief, and it also really puts the message out there about what disabled people can do” – Bendrigg participant.

Bendrigg Trust is one of the leading outdoor disability specialists in the country challenging perceptions of disability through adventurous activities.



Bendrigg receives no government funding. Every year we must raise over £350,000 to continue enabling around 4,000 disabled people to develop confidence, build independence and increase resilience through inclusive residential activity experiences. We aim to ensure that disabled people are empowered with the attitudes, skills and beahviours they need to make positive changes in their lives. In turn we hope that they will thrive in their education, at home and socially, throughout their lives. 

Join #TeamBendrigg and every pound you raise will trully help to make a difference.

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Bendrigg Trust is fundraising towards

Resilience Campaign

For over 40 years, Bendrigg has enabled over 90,000 people to build their confidence, self-esteem and independence by taking on some amazing outdoor adventures ! We’ve enabled you to be stronger, to push through your fears and to overcome challenges . We are so proud of the impact we ...

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2021 Great North Run

Join #TeamBendrigg and sign up for the world's biggest half marathon! The Great North Run is the biggest half marathon in the World. Starting in Newcastle Upon Tyne the 13.1 mile route takes runners through the city centre towards the River Tyne where thousands of people will cross ...

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  • £4,500 Target
  • £940 Raised
  • 35 Donors
  • 4 Fundraisers

2020 London Marathon

The 2020 London Marathon is often described as a test of endurance over 26.2 miles and can push people to the limit! Join #TeamBendrigg to support people with disabilities to push their own limits and reach their full potential! Bendrigg Trust wants disabled people to be empowered with the ...

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  • £750 Target
  • £231 Raised
  • 8 Donors
  • 2 Fundraisers

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